Megis Kardava charged for Roman Dumbadze’s assassination

Georgia’s prosecutor has charged the former head of military police, Megis Kardava, for General Roman Dumbadze’s assassination, Kardava’s lawyer Malkhaz Velijanashvili says. 

Velijanashvili said at today’s press-conference that the case is marked as top secret. However, as the prosecutor claims, Megis Kardava ordered to kill Dumbadze because he thought he was a traitor.
Velijanashvili says this proves once again that the Georgian prosecutor’s office is fulfilling Russia’s orders. 
If Megis Kardava is officially charged, Russia has the right to request his extradition, because Roman Dumbadze was killed in their territory.

Roman Dumbadze was a Georgian military commander who led a mutiny during 2004 crisis in Adjara. He was detained and imprisoned by Georgian authorities but released during 2008 war with Russia and handed over to Russian authorities in exchange for the release of twelve Georgian military servicemen detained by the Russian forces. 

He lived in Russia until May 21, 2012, when he was shot dead.