Georgia is in danger of losing Eurasian traffic corridor function at the example of Poti Port

In 2008, the government of MikheilSaakashvili sold Poti Port to Arabian company “Rakia”. Given the fact that Rakia had failed to fulfill its investment liabilities, Poti Port was resold to “APM Terminal “which committed to expand PotiPort, making it one of Europe’s leading sea ports. The transaction, taking place in connection with Poti Port raises serious doubts pertaining to corruptive bargains of Saakashvili and his team. It is worth mentioning that it was sold for only 130 million US Dollars while it had been estimated for at least 500 million US Dollars.


It is a matter of great interest why Prosecutors Office keeps silenceontheissue?! Why the price of the sea port has been reduced up to 370 million US Dollars?! If the sale of Poti Port had brought anything good for Georgia,people would have believed that the operation was worth… Itisnoteworthythatthecargoturnover, dropped to 3 million from 6.


Another fact that is noteworthy is that the port is completely useless and closed during the stormy days. Cargo turnover is reduced at around 50% in sea harbors and total number reached the critical level in terminals. If it was 21,3 million tons in 2014, number of cargos is only 12,1 million. If Closing coefficient was 14% in 2012 this year it is 38,5% which means that based on international standards Poti Port is closed by 40%.


Currently, Poti Port is 8, 4 meter in depth, while it had been 11 meters historically. In the conditions of “APM Terminal” Poti Port was included amongst the world’s the most expensive top ten ports. For instance, if container loading from board to land costs 440$ in Poti, the same service can be provided only for 186$ per container in Odessa. The port is intensively losing cargos, having a plenty of dissatisfied giants such as Nitrogen Plant, Rustavi Metallurgical Plant, Ferroalloy Plant and Madneuli Processing Plant. Their tariffs have been increased three times, and consequently Georgia is facing danger of losing Eurasian traffic corridor function.


Owing to the fact that there have not been made any investments in Poti Port over years, apparently, it lacks modern technologies which would make it modern European port and maintain Georgia’s function of Eurasian traffic corridor. The question is whether it is an artificially arranged by Poti Port “APM Terminal” and why it always happens that Georgian railway is being affected by it?!



The government of Georgia repeatedly addressed “APM Terminal” to fulfill its obligations but because of the imperial contacts made by Saakashvili and his team, present government Georgia is lacked any leverages regarding the facility whatsoever. 

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