“The Ecology of Thinking” – the way which is the way of salvation

Along with the changes of centuries and the development of a man, a lot of problems and concerns have been risen.  Globalization and technical development changed a man’s thinking, and it became addicted to the virtual reality. During many centuries people were waging wars to seize some territories and took away many people’s lives.  Nowadays, it has been changed by terrorism, drug-addiction, aids, poverty and starvation.  Many developed countries fight against these problems but without any result.


Where will it lead us to?  Why does it happen?  Who is guilty?  What is the way out of it?  How can we find answers to these questions?


The book by Niaz Bolkvadze, “The Ecology of thinking – the main means of the salvation of the mankind”, answers these questions clearly support with arguments. 


The theme of religion – faith to the god is one of the most important questions of our lives.  It is the basis of particularly rich and morally steady mans’ upbringing and developing.  Although all the religions call one their congregations to do kind, conflicts arisen on this foundation led the mankind to the danger of the world war III.   Tension is rising, and the author of this book offers us to make changes in religious mentality by the way of education.  The author says that the main enemy of the mankind is the man itself and its aggressive nature.  The development of civilization brought the spiritual culture to destruction. 


Niaz Bolkvadze, the author of this book spoke about his future plans to “Georgian Times"


About the author

Niaz Bolkvadze, a write, a philosopher, a public man, is the author of eight books, more than fifty scientific works and the author of more than five hundred publicist articles published in the publishing houses of Georgia and foreign countries.  His books are translated into English, Russian and other languages. 


He founded the Georgian national cultural center in 1999-2005 in the city of Ufa, Republic of Bashkiria.  He was also the founder of Georgian community and its honored president.  Since 2006 till now, he has been the founder of the union of the patriots of Adjara and its chairman.  He was also nominated as “the man of the year” together with the honored people of Bashkiria for his tribute made for peaceful coexistence and friendship among the representatives of different nationalities and religion.  He has been a member of philosopher’s society since 2005.  Since 2008, he has been a member of the writer’s union of Georgia.  He resides in Batumi and carries on active writing, scientific and public activities. 


The idea of creating “the Ecology of Thinking”

I was interested in this idea at the age of 27.  The Soviet Union was falling apart.  The atheistic period was being over.  As everyone knows Batumi is a specific region where the people of both Christian and Muslim religions live together.  When Soviet Union fell apart, the people started to return to their religions again. The population of Adjara had been baptized again.  Those people whose ancestors were Christians became Christian, and those whose ancestors were Muslims became Muslim.    At that time, I was a young man, and I asked the god: I want to be a believer, but I want to be an educated believer; and since 1989 I have thought about this. This period was the beginning   of my active philosophical start.  At first, I started to get acquainted with the works of wise people of the world.  I worked more than twenty years on one of my essays, “The immortality of wisdom” which will be soon published.  At the same time, I am getting acquainted with the traditional religions, Holy script, the Bible, the Koran, Judaism and Buddhism, but mostly I pay more attention to the traditional religions of the world. 


I believe in God, and I have been interested in all the religions since I was a young man.  When I was getting acquainted with holy scripts, I understood that the religion is very important in life.  Religion directs people’s behavior.  I understood that Bible, Koran, and Holy script preach us wisdom and kindness.  It is also the reason of evil, controversy and contradiction among the people. 


I thought if religion preaches wisdom and kindness, why is it the reason of all trouble and misfortune at the same time.  Where is the logic? We also know that every religious conflict that ever happened in the history of mankind where used by the politicians or the religious leaders to enhance their influences.  


I also saw that every religion has its theologists, but they only serve one specific religion and prove it righteousness.  So, they cannot be impartial toward the other religions. Hence, they cannot be objective.  That is why to clarify this question was only the competence of independent philosophy that would draw conclusions without any partiality.  Thanks to God, I could have done it.  I had been doing it for a long time being into association not only with the congregation but also with all the ranks of priesthood including ever Patriarchs. 


The process of research work

In the process of work, I saw that many thinkers, philosophers of different periods in different countries were interested in this question, how to handle the interaction not only among different religions but also inside the same religion. The question is still very active now.  I came into conclusion that the principled of all the religions are the same.  To be more accurate:


1. You must treat others as you want to be treated,


2. Be righteous and do kindness.


These are two main principles on which all the traditional religions are founded.  They created their unique culture and bottomless store of wisdom but their ways to one God are different.  I was convinced in the righteousness which the other philosophers had already known but they were misled. For example, if the principles of all the traditional religions are the same and they preach the same things, there must be one religion to avoid controversies.  It was wrong.  Utopic.  It means that in this case one of the religions has to give in its positions in favor of the other, but it cannot be so.  This causes controversies.  Every religion thinks that it is the only righteous one and others are wrong. 


When I saw it, I thought I was in a blind alley. They preach the same principles, but it is impossible for them to unite.    It put the foundation to the ecumenicity movement which means that all the religions must be united in one religion, but it is impossible.  Then why did God create a man?  For controversy?  For killing each other?  Of course, not.  God created a man for love and kindness.  All the religions say this.  I would like to say that if there are good relations between religions, it is due to the wise politics of the religious leaders and the authorities of countries.  But if the wisdom does not exist, we see contradictions, terrors, etc. 


The distinguished title of the book, “The ecology of thinking is the main means of salvation of the mankind”.   When I started working on the book, I did not know what title I would give it.  In 2004, I read the materials given by the UN.  Kofi Annan, the general secretary of the UN, invited fifteen famous men from different countries and asked them to speak about dangers threatening the mankind.  They spoke about six main threats destructing the whole world.  These threats are: Ecological problems, nuclear danger, drug addiction, aids, religious controversies, terrorism, the number of refugees, starvation, poverty, and organized crime.  But the most important from all these dangers are religious contradictions and terrorism causing all the above-mentioned misfortunes.  All these dangers come from man itself.


The question is, how can the ecology problems be solved if the reason of the problems is the man, and if the mind of the man is not ecologically clean?! How can we avoid contradictions if it is caused by fanatism founded on ignorance?!  The reason of all misfortune even in religions is ignorance.  That is why, first of all, we must think about man’s education, its development, reasoning, purity if we want to have no problems.  We have problems because we are greedy, stingy, unwilling to give freely, immoral, wicked.  We live according to our sinful nature.  The sinful nature is hostile to God.  It does not submit to God’s law and it must be changed.  We have an obligation if we want to be saved, and this obligation is to look after our souls, reasoning and thinking.  The ecology of thinking is the only way to out salvation.


The way to handle the problems existing in the world


I have a general idea about ecology of thinking and I can offer you the way out to avoid contradiction among the religions.  I think that protective instruments must be made in future to help the ecology of thinking and purify the thinking.  It is possible if there is the will of politicians to look after the problems of upbringing and ethics.


Let us come back to the religion.  If it is impossible to be united and every religion preaches kindness, it is also the reason of contradiction and misfortune.  There is a question.  Why did God create a man?  For strife?  For killing?  Of course not.  For love.  Then why did they go apart?  This is a question.  If all the religions are based on the same principles, why did religions set apart and became different traditional religions?   This question has been unnoticed by many scientist-researchers and for the churchmen during the centuries up to now.  This question needed an answer and I found it.  


Einstein said: “a researcher undertaking a serious research needs not only a good education but also a good imagination”.  I had been working on the theme for thirteen years and found the way out of it.  I often made working situation for myself.  For example, when I jumped into this conclusion, I was silent for a week, being in solitude.  I did not speak to anyone.  I was only thinking and working.  Suddenly, when I was working, everything brightened before me, and I saw the whole world in blue colors, and just then I found the key to the mystery which was hidden during the centuries. 


The way out of it was: why are all the religions based on the same principles?  Because God himself divided mankind according to the religions.  In the Bible and Koran has been said that divisions of the mankind happened according to the language.  The Babylon Tower is a very good example of it.  When the people built the Babylon Tower, they expressed their power and haughtiness and God said: “These are one people and they have one language.  As they started this work they will do anything they want. I will mix up their languages.  And since then God dispersed them in every corner of the world” – says holy script.  We have the same phenomenon in written sources.  I saw it clearly and showed how the people combined with the same languages and customs master different territories, how the new countries spring up.    These countries have their religions then.  You can not imagine Arabic, Turkish world without Islam.  India, Tibet and many other countries without Buddhism.  Georgia, Greece, Russia without Christianity.  Jewish people without Judaism.  This shows that division of the mankind happened by God according to the language and traditional religions. 


Some historical events prove the fact that God himself divided the mankind according to the language and religion.  Since the ancient times, when people came into being, there were no countries and people knew nothing about one another.  People had the same spiritual values at that time.  Values like awing to God, devotion, magnanimity, generosity, commitment to one another, hospitality and so on.  On the basis of these spiritual values, traditional religions sprang up then.  Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.  Later, these religions have been spread all over the world. Many pagans were converted, and they changed their morality. 


The second question is that it is true that division happened by God’s will but what was the reason of contradiction.  Every religion preached about God but the idea that only my religion is righteous, true, was thought during many centuries and this caused controversy which then was used by the religious teachers, leaders and politicians to enhance their influences. 


Today a lot of people support my idea.  These are Godly people, believers, not only Christians, but Islamic people too.  They saw that they can live together peacefully despite of their religions.  Christians do not say anything bad about Muslim, and Muslims do not say bad about Christians.  They do not hate one another for belonging to another religion. 


This book got popularity among the readers.  Readers agree that only education can purify our thinking.  It is long but the most hopeful way to avoid religious strife and terrorism.  There is simply no other way out. 


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