“The Ecology of Thinking” – the way which is the way of salvation ( II )

second part (II)


Different opinions about the work

In 2003, when I came to conclusion in the city of Ufa, there were conferences on the themes of religion.  I presented my work there for the first time. It was a great success. People asked me to publish article.


Some years ago, an Islamic State was founded in Syria.  The state is not supported by the progressive Muslim society as it is a great danger even for them.   Robert Nadiradze, a writer from Batumi who had read my article, asked me why I was not active as I had a ready theoretical solution to this problem.  That is when I decided to speak about it again.  I presented it in Batumi, in the Museum of Arts.  Writers, scientists, public figures were there.  My book had not been published yet.  I had only printed manuscript and I addressed the society attending my presentation: “Gentlemen, as you are well educated readers, I am interested in your opinion about this work.”


They said it was quite new in the history of religion and philosophy.  They mentioned that it was a solution to the main danger for all the mankind.  That is why we think to present it at the international nominations for the popularization of the idea.


For me as an author, the most important thing is to polarize, widespread and put the idea into practice.  I want the idea to carry out its noble mission. 


Since then there were presentations, discussions, and public lectures in the many cities of Georgia.  The presentations were held at public libraries, schools and Universities in the cities of Tbilisi, Batumi, Akhaltsikhe, Ninotsminda, Ozurgeti and others.  The last summing up discussion took place in the National Academy of science where vice-president, the academician Roin Metreveli and other called it a very important work with a global value and meaning. 


The next stage – what will be the result?

I want to mention the important question and I think that it will be properly understood.  I am often asked how much relevant is this topic today, nowadays; how will it be understood by the churchmen.  Some priests have read it in Tbilisi and they had the same opinion as I do.  They even blessed me.  One of the Muslim leaders from called me and told me: “I read you book and I liked it. Now it needs more attention and popularization”.    It means that Christian and Muslim congregation leaders recognize and agree with the idea.  I know that for church and mosque it will be difficult to acknowledge it officially; however, time will come when they admit it. 


We know that traditional religions often used to make serious mistakes during history.  For example, Giordano Bruno understood that he had made a discovery, but the church contradicted him saying: “Holly script says: The sun rises. It means that the Earth does not move, and you are against God”.  But he did not deny his idea and he was burnt on the bonfire.  The same happened with Galileo Galilei.  They were believers.  Galilei said: “God wrote two books, The universe and the Bible”.  As scientists they helped priests to see the world created by God in a correct way.  Time passed, and church admitted it mistake.


I am sure churchmen and congregation will appreciate my work and they will acknowledge its importance together with mosque, synagogue, and others. It will take time, but I hope not so long.  It will be put into practice if there is the will of politicians.  The scientists say that there must be the special program for children.  It may be a long process.


It was impossible to speak about all important questions in the newspaper interview, but I think you have some opinion about the work (the book). 



Opinions about the work


Roin Metreveli, academician, Vice-president of the academy of science of Georgia

The book “Ecology of thinking – the main means of the salvation” is the scientific work of global importance of high standards, and it deserves the attention of international society.



Rezo Balanchivadze, Doctor of Philosophy, professor, academician of many academies (of philosophy, education, science, etc.)


Philosopher Niaz Bolkvadze brings up some questions quite originally, and he tries to save mankind from wicked ideas using the new perception in his “Ecology of thinking – the main means of salvation of the mankind”.  This generous purpose needs a proof to show that his idea is true.  By showing some examples from life, he manages to prove it convincingly.   



Roin Liparteliani, academician, the president of world science and spiritual academy


The book “Ecology of thinking – the main means of salvation of the mankind” is a new word in the history of religion and philosophy.  With this book begins the new era of relations among different religions in the life of modern international society.  That is why I justly consider it must be nominated for Rustaveli and Noble prize (The audience applauded).



Otar Urushadze, a writer, the main editor of the newspaper “Old Generations”

It is very pleasant that the mission of peace in the name of “Ecology of thinking”, a scientific work of many years, is the echo of tolerance and generosity characteristic for this nation.  In my opinion, he really deserves the highest appreciation and prizes.



Uzbek Aghmedzianov, the doctor of historical science, professor

Philosopher Niaz Bolkvadze’s opinion about religion and other questions of great importance is so logical and fundamental that no one can stay indifferent and not agree with him.  I am convinced it will have a great resonance, and it will draw the attention of international society.  This process has already started.



Duglas Zamtaradze, an artist, honorable architect of Georgia

I am sure by putting into practice the new idea represented by Niaz Bolkvadze we will cleanse the world from immorality and wicked actions.  It will favor to be fulfilled the miracle for which God created a man and gave him eternal lodging on the earth.



Maka Kachkachishvili-Beridze, professor, the rector of state University of Akhaltsikhe, Meskheti.

To find the way out of the situation the author jumps into conclusion after studying and analyzing the dangers we are expecting.  He proclaims that this danger comes from a man itself.  A modern man has to put a questions to himself: where are we going by full freedom given to us?  The author put important questions and came to the fundamental conclusions.


Nugzar Chkhaidze, the Doctor of Philosophy, sociologist

I am convinced that Niaz Bolkvadze’s work will be available for international society, and it will play a great role among the people of various confessions and nationalities in developing peaceful, friendly relations.  It will be a steady step forward in this direction; especially, now when the world is under the threat of terrorism on the religious foundations.

Gulbat Rtskhiladze, the Doctor of Philosophy

Philosopher Niaz Bolkvadze tried and, in my opinion, successfully managed to find the philosophical foundations of the peaceful and harmonic relations among religions, which is quite relevant even politically.  I think that “Ecology of thinking” is a great credit to the philosophical and politological sciences.


first part ( I )


Nino Otarashvili


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