Urcu Group launches a new investment campaign in Georgia


Urcu Group opens  up a new company Urcu Construction Georgia. The company comprised of a team of professionals was founded in 2010.


Urcu Group includes different sectors of business. The main directions are as follows: construction, oil and gas services, water processing and reprocessing, wood and interior design, agriculture, international trade, aviation and technology.


The company has a vast experience in the field of construction, oil and gas services, interior and design.


Tolga Urcu President of Urcu Group spoke with “The Georgian Times” regarding the establishment of the company.


"URCU GROUP was founded in 2010 and each year we are trying to expand our business across the world. This year we have opened a new company Urcu Construction Georgia in Georgia in the construction sector. 


We operate in the different countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan and Iraq. Currently we are starting operation in Georgia. We operate in the different sectors in these countries including aviation, technologies, construction and so forth…


We apply collective knowledge, experience and global network in the company in order to make the relationships pleasant with our clients and suppliers.


The main goal of our team is to stay in Georgia for a very long time. We also see that the government of Georgia is pretty mobilized and the system works well. This is the country that attempts to ensure the comfortable environment for foreign investors and benefit the country. The foreign investors are seeking for stable economy. If the economy is not stable it is very difficult to make an investment either in Georgia or somewhere else."


- Specifically which business sectors will be introduced in Georgia?


- Our company plans to construct and sell detached houses in Georgia. We also have livestock project and intend to manufacture meat products. We will make investments in these sectors and will say our word in Georgia.


- What kind of novelties do you offer to Georgian customers in the construction?


- We aren’t building twenty floor blocks of flats and skyscrapers. We offer customers construction of detached houses with yards and gardens. We will introduce houses of our own design which are innovative and pretty comfortable for living. We are not going to build just houses but to change the lifestyle of people. These houses will meet the highest construction standards that will be so called smart houses tailored to Android system in technological point of view which will allow customers to control via mobile phone. We offer customers to test the products before they purchase them. We also suggest creative and flexible solutions to our customers. We plan to win in the tenders in Georgia with our products.



- When are you going to initiate the livestock project? What does it include specifically?


- As for the meat products this is an important field that we are interested in. we are going to launch our initiation from today for 6 months. We intend to open the factory at the beginning of 2020. We will slaughter 100 cow, 500 sheep and small livestock per day. This will be everyday income. We will produce meat and meat products. We also wish to manufacture dairy products in near future. 200 people will be employed in the factory from the nearby regions. We will carry out this project in one of the villages and employ people based on a year contract. We believe they will benefit like us. Finally we wish to export the products in the neighboring and partner countries on behalf of Georgia.



- Have you selected specific regions to develop your business?


- The main focus of house construction is made on Tbilisi. As for meat products we are searching the proper region so far. We visited Batumi and a couple of cities. We think it will be somewhere in the middle of Georgia. We will have the final decision regarding this in two weeks.


- How far does Georgian government support you to develop your business?


- In the very first place we are going to observe the existed situation and present it in our country. We definitely know that Minister of Agriculture of Georgia supports those investors who make investments in the agricultural sector. Agro business is the milestone for the development if the economy of Georgia.


Nino Otarashvili



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