German company Bredent medical jointly with the group of specialists from Tbilisi clinic DENTEX-95 and Yerevan dental clinic DIVIDENT conducted a training course in implantology

German company Bredent medical jointly with the group of specialists from Tbilisi clinic DENTEX-95 and Yerevan dental clinic DIVIDENT conducted a training course in implantology on September 28th and 29th in Tbilisi. The course participants familiarized themselves with the prospects for introducing new operating technologies and technical solutions, as well as advanced qualification opportunities for local doctors. 


On September 28th and 29th a group of doctors licensed by Bredent Medical conducted 4 demonstrative surgeries:


Fast | Gentle | Aesthetic and CAD/CAM - A new approach and solution to toothlessness through technology Fast | Gentle | Aesthetic. 


The use of White Sky technology - installation of a White SKY zirconium implant and the installation of a temporary tooth using CAD/CAM technology. 


Due to the use of the technology Fast | Gentle | Aethetic within a few hours was carried out tooth removal, implant installation, fixation of the crown using CAD / CAM technology.

Implantation without delay - Fast | Gentle| Aesthetic (Fast | Immediate "gap closure" - few interventions with short treatment period. Gentle | Reduced force on the bones due to BioHPP. Aesthetic | no repeated gingiva trauma - gives an impression of natural tooth). The advantages of dental prosthetics through the concept Fast | Gentle | Aesthetic using CAD/CAM technology:

• High strength and at the same time lightness of construction

• Excellent aesthetic qualities

• Biocompatibility

• Reliability

• Speed

• High precision manufacturing with minimal deviations

• Production automation, virtually eliminating the possibility of errors.


Due to CAD / CAM technology, the crown manufacturing time is reduced. There had also been carried out the installation of zirconium implants White SKY of Bredent medical and the installation of a temporary tooth using CAD / CAM technology.

White SKY is a single component zirconia implant that is a biocompatible material. Implants made from this material are recommended for patients who are allergic to metals. Zirconium implants are ideal for a frontal group of teeth where metal can be visible through soft tissue. They allow to achieve an excellent result - for high smile line, subtle biotype of gum.


Zirconium implants are becoming increasingly popular means for restoration of beautiful smile, especially due to their aesthetic effect and excellent compatibility with tissues. White zirconium does not cause an allergic reaction and looks completely natural, like a natural tooth. The use of zirconium implants also prevents the translucence of a gray line at the edge of the gums, which is often observed when metal is used.


In general surgery, zirconium has long been used as a material for implants, but only recently it has become indispensable in dentistry. Zirconium has become especially popular in recent years, when scientists in research on the safety and durability of bioceramics have demonstrated that this material optimally meets the conditions of use in the jaw.


During the master class, presentations were made on the following topics:

Gum Management, work in aesthetically significant zone, 

David Galstyan, International instructor IFZI, Clinical Consultant for Bredent Medical in Armenia and Georgia


"Use of orthopedic constructions made with Bio-HPP and VisioLign technologies" 


Avtandil Machavariani - Orthoped implantologist: DENTEX-95 clinic - local head of orthopedic residency

Working with Assistant Sergey Sargsyan, Specialist of Divident dental clinic

,, Fast & Fixed - discussion of cases,

David Galstyan International Instructor IFZI, Bredent Medical Clinical Consultant in Armenia and Georgia

, WhiteSKY Zircon Implant - Discussion of Clinical Cases, Sergey Sargsyan specialist of Divident dental clinic.


A course of implantology was conducted / Practical training program (conducted on an artificial patient) of surgical and orthopedic work during implantation. Each participant inserted on phantom 15 implants.

Course location - Dentex Academy.










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German company Bredent medical jointly with the group of specialists from Tbilisi clinic DENTEX-95 and Yerevan dental clinic DIVIDENT conducted a training course in implantology