First in the world “Ball for Peace” – A Monument from Georgia

Recently, on Besik Adamia’s initiative and with the support of the public, in particular football fans and the Mayor of Kutaisi, Giorgi Tchighvaria,  the 2,5 meter monument of the “Ball for Peace” was erected on the Peace Square next to Torpedo stadium. It carries the word ‘Peace’ inscribed in 67 languages including the languages of the UN as well as Abkhazian, Ossetian and North Caucasian languages thus beating the record of the Wall for Peace in Paris (49 languages), which still does not have the Georgian word peace.

This is a message to the world that Georgia is a peaceful country that offers a hand of friendship to all. According to the author of this idea Besik Adamia, the inspiration came from Shimon Peres’ initiative to hold a peace tournament between football teams of Israel and Palestine. He hopes to invite UN and Nobel peace ambassadors and famous footballers to Kutaisi and hold international peace tournaments in ball games in order to promote the role of sports in peacebuilding, strengthen peace ideology and support regional (the Caucasus) and world peace! Having visited Nobel Museum in Stockholm in 2011, it is his wish to visit Shimon Peres Centre for Peace in Israel, and also to organize a peace rally “Tbilisi-Moscow- Berlin-Geneva-Brussels-Paris-Rome” to emphasize the conditions of innocent people in countries where war is raging as well as ask the whole world for support in preventing removal of Paris Wall for Peace which is one of the symbols of peace worldwide. 


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First in the world “Ball for Peace” – A Monument from Georgia
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